When you try to access Promoted properties inside the Orchestrations, to avoid these types of errors, you should check if the Promoted property exists before trying to read it by using the exits operator.

Email Checker


Very useful tools for check email and download attach.

EnL Barcode


Very usefull application that show how integrate barcode tool with a BizTalk server application.

In BizTalk 2016 is possible to replace POP3 and SMTP Adapter with Office 365 Outlook Email adapters. For doing that is necessary to download and install Feature Pack 3 for BizTalk 2016.

Microsoft extended the mainstream support till April 11, 2028. Extended support ends on April 9, 2030. Also, the decision has a positive impact on Mainstream Support for Host Integration Server 2020, as it is a supplemental product to the BizTalk Server license.

The Biztalk team announces the addition of three years to the Mainstream Support period for the Biztalk Server 2020 release. This will extend the mainstream support period from April 8, 2025 to April 11, 2028. This will allow customers to obtain security updates, request non-security updates, and incident support for an additional 3 years past the...