BizTalk 2020 mainstream support


The Biztalk team announces the addition of three years to the Mainstream Support period for the Biztalk Server 2020 release. This will extend the mainstream support period from April 8, 2025 to April 11, 2028. This will allow customers to obtain security updates, request non-security updates, and incident support for an additional 3 years past the original end of Mainstream Support. This change will not affect the overall end of support date of April 9, 2030. We believe this extension of the mainstream support period is the best route to support our Biztalk customers. While we encourage customers to consider cloud solutions in Azure as an alternative to Biztalk, we are still committed to supporting our existing customers.

This will also extend the Mainstream Support for Host Integration Server 2020, as it is a supplemental product to the Biztalk Server license.

New end of mainstream support 

End of extended support

BizTalk Server 2020 -->

April 11, 2028

April 9, 2030

Host Integration Server 2020 -->

July 11, 2028

July 9, 2030