Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack v3.0.0 for Visio


Microsoft Integration (Azure and much more) Stencils Pack it's a Visio package that contains fully resizable Visio shapes (symbols/icons) that will help you to visually represent On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid Integration and Enterprise architectures scenarios (BizTalk Server, API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Hub...), solutions diagrams and features or systems that use Microsoft Azure and related cloud and on-premises technologies in Visio 2016/2013:

  • BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft Azure
    • BizTalk Services
    • Azure App Service (API Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Logic Apps)
    • Event Hubs
    • Service Bus
    • API Management, IoT, and Docker
    • Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Data Factory, Data Pipelines
    • and so on
  • Microsoft Flow
  • PowerApps
  • Power BI
  • PowerShell
  • Infrastructure, IaaS
  • And many more...

I start this project because at the time I didn't find nice shapes - graphically beautiful and resizable shapes - to produce BizTalk Server topologies diagrams and high-level overview of integrating processes. The project grew as community member asked for new shapes and during the last few years I have been updating and publishing new shapes, particularly associated with Azure services, which has a very low release cadence.

This time I cannot say it was an update because was actually a complete makeover and the reasons behind this decision are mainly these 2:

  • The Project Become Huge: more than 1000 shapes, and due to the project structure that I decide to implement at the time, it became a little difficult to maintain since even I had difficulty finding and organizing all the shapes and there were several duplicate shapes (some were purposely duplicated and still are).
  • A Fresh New Look: at the time, almost all the shapes were blue - not a beautiful blue but an obsolete annoying blue - so I decide to use, in almost the cases, a monochrome approach opting for a darker color - but after all these years it was already a little worn and needing for a new modern look and this time I decided to follow the look that Microsoft is implementing in Microsoft Docs - in fact, several stencils were collect from there - a more light and multicolored approach.
    • You liked the old aspect? Do not worry, I still kept the old (monochrome) shapes but moved to support files.

What's new in this version?

Is this version all about a fresh and modern new look? No, it is not. That was indeed one of the main tasks, but in addition:

  • New shapes: 571 new forms have been added - many of them are in fact a redesign of the existing features to have a modern look - but it is still an impressive number. Making a total of 1883 shapes available in this package.
  • The package structure changed: It is more organized - went from 13 files to 20 - which means that more categories were created and for that reason, I think it will be easier to find the shapes you are looking for. The Microsoft Integration (Azure and much more) Stencils Pack v3.0.0 is now composed of 20 files:
    • Microsoft Integration Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Additional or Support Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Apps and Systems Logo Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Azure Additional or Support Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Azure Others Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Azure Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Buildings Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Databases Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Deprecated Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Developer Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Devices Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Files Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Generic Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Infrastructure Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Integration Patterns Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS IoT Devices Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Power BI Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS PowerApps and Flows Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Servers (HEX) Stencils v3.0.0
    • MIS Users and Roles Stencils v3.0.0

You can download Microsoft Integration (Azure and much more) Stencils Pack from:
Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio 2016/2013 v3.0.0 (16,6 MB)
Microsoft ' TechNet Gallery