BizTalk 2020


New in BizTalk Server 2020

Feature Description
Support for newer platforms BizTalk Server 2020 adds support for the following Microsoft platforms:
- Visual Studio 2019
- Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10
- SQL Server 2019, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2016 SP2
- Office 2019, Office 2016
Hardware and Software Requirements for BizTalk Server 2020
Analytics Operational Data Monitoring and Analytics.
Leveraging the power of Azure (Application Insight and Event Hub) for deep data storage and Power BI for reporting and viewing of data.
Send tracking data to Azure
Configure data feed for Power BI
Application Lifecycle Management with VSTS Using Visual Studio Team Services, you can define multi-server deployments of BizTalk Server 2020, and then maintain those systems throughout the application lifecycle.
Configure automatic deployment using VSTS
Management APIs Manage your environment remotely using the new REST APIs with full Swagger support.
REST API reference
Support for Always Encrypted Use the WCF-SQL adapter to connect to SQL Server secure Always Encrypted columns.
Query Always Encrypted database in SQL Server
Advanced Scheduling New and improved scheduling capabilities in Adapters.
Configure time zone and recurrence
Backup to Azure Blob Storage When deploying BizTalk Server to Azure VMs, you can backup BizTalk Server databases to Azure blob storage.
Configure the Backup Job
Adapter for Service Bus v2 When using the Service Bus Adapter, you can utilize Azure Service Bus Premium for enterprise-scale workloads.
SB-Messaging Adapter
Transport Layer Security 1.2 Securely deploy BizTalk Server using industry-standard TLS 1.2 authentication and encryption.
API Management Publish Orchestration endpoints using Azure API Management, enabling organizations to publish APIs to external, partner and internal developers to unlock the potential of their data and services.
Connect to Azure API Management
Event Hubs Adapter Using the new Event Hub Adapter, BizTalk Server can send and receive messages with Azure Event Hubs, where BizTalk Server can function as both an event publisher and subscriber, as part of a new Azure cloud-based event-driven application.
Event Hubs adapter
Office 365 Adapters Leverage the power of BizTalk in newer office automation workflows by integrating with Adapters that allows you to send or receive Office 365 emails, receive or transmit Office 365 calendar events and create Office 365 contacts.
Office 365 Outlook Email adapter
Office 365 Outlook Calendar adapter
Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter
Group Managed Service Accounts Extend windows GMSA support to BizTalk operations and services.
Using Group Managed Service Account
Blob Adapter Send and Receive messages to/from Azure Blob Storage.
Azure Blob storage adapter
Audit Log Making BizTalk further secure by maintaining audit trails of all management operation.
New Read Only Operator role Brand new read only operator role to facilitate dev ops model, where access to production stamp is provided without the ability to update anything.
XSLT 3.0 New extensible model for runtime map execution, out of box wiring to work with Saxon XSLT3.0.
XSLT Transform Engine
XSLT custom transform implementation
Additional updates

  • Move to new long term supported Microsoft OLEDB Driver for SQL Server.

  • Support for SSO Affiliate applications in SFTP adapter.

  • SQL Availability Group support for BAM DTS Package via SSIS Catalog.

  • Partially disabled receive locations.

  • Throughput improvements for Dynamic Send Ports with Ordered Delivery.

Deprecated & Removed List

Program Status Replacement
Samples Removed from BizTalk Server installation.
POP3 and SMTP adapters Deprecated --> Office 365 adapters
Support for ACS authentication in adapters Removed --> SAS authentication
SOAP adapter Deprecated --> WCF-BasicHttp Adapter
Old SQL adapter Removed -->WCF-SQL Adapter
BPEL support Deprecated 
JDE OneWorld adapter Deprecated 
OWC redist Removed  
BAM Portal Deprecated 
WCF-NetTcpRelay adapter Deprecated