Azure Data Lake Store PowerShell Toolkit


Working with the Azure Data Lake Store can sometimes be difficult, especially when performing actions on several items. As there is currently no GUI tool for handling this, PowerShell can be used to perform various tasks. The toolkit described in this post contains several scripts, which makes automation in the Data Lake a little easier.

The toolkit contains the following scripts:

  • CountFiles.ps1 - Count number of files in a folder
  • DeleteTMPFiles.ps1 - Delete all files with a certain extension (configurable)
  • DownloadFiles.ps1 - Download all files from a folder
  • GetFolderContent.ps1 - List all files in a folder (recursive)
  • MoveFiles.ps1 - Move all files in a folder to another folder
  • RemoveFileExpiry.ps1 - Remove file expiry on a file
  • RemoveFolderExpiry.ps1 - Remove file expiry on all files in a folder
  • SearchForFile.ps1 - Search for a file
  • SetFileExpiry.ps1 - Set expiry on a file
  • SetFolderExpiry.ps1 - Set expiry on all files in a folder
  • UploadFiles.ps1 - Upload files to the Data Lake
To download the free toolkit, go to the TechNet Gallery