Password in Binding File


I search on binding file the CustomProps, where are contained username info of Send Port and Receive Port.

<CustomProps><Username vt="8">pippo</Username><Password vt="1"/>

So,I tried to modify the file by adding the password in this way:

<CustomProps><Username vt="8">pippo</Username><Password vt="1">pippo/Password>

But, after importing bindings file and after a quick test, Biztalk give me an Exception of incorrect password.

Googling, I found this article. Where is explained meaning for attribute vt = "8".

It's a VT_BSTR type. Well, what mean VT_BSTR type?

As you can see on this documentation page VT_BSTR stand for Basic String.

After reading the article I understood, default attribute for password was vt = "1" that means VT_NULL, so I need to change attribute vt to 8.In this way

<CustomProps><Username vt="8">pippo</Username><Password vt="8">pippo/Password>

I imported binding file again and finally the test was successful.