Importing two schemas of the same namespace in BizTalk


It's a common practice to reuse schemas / types within your BizTalk solution. Lately, I've encountered an issue regarding this. Here you can find a simplified example and a solution to the problem.

Assume you have two reusable schemas (no dependencies between them):



Now you want to create a "Person' schema in the namespace, by reusing the previous schemas.

- First you need to import the Address schema

- Secondly you need to import also the ContactInformation schema. This results in the error:

"The namespace of the schema you are trying to add clashes with one of the namespaces already declared. Please choose another schema."

Although, in XSD this is not a limitation. So I've tried to work around the BizTalk Schema Editor and opened the XSD as an XML file. I've manually added the XSD import of the ContractInformation schema: